Hi All, I am so grateful to readers and folks who have read Light From Uncommon Stars and my other books, and followed Rykaworld. But it’s been a rough…
Facebook Bulletin will come to and end, and that means yet another beginning. :) Here's an old piece that is new.
If stars are bright, and space is infinite, shouldn’t everywhere you look be a star? Shouldn’t the night skies be a wall of light?
Anal Beads, Steel Cages, and Other Pressing Topics in the World of Chess
What if the mark of an advanced civilization is its inhabitants being happy and fulfilled just as they are?
aka apparently I’m the only queer person on the entire planet who was not familiar with Chuck Tingle. And yet, here we are.
Well, not really no one...but this is all new to me. Thoughts leading up to Worldcon and the Hugo Awards.
Who in hides plain sight, what lurks down the street, and why I wish people played their lives a little more like Dungeons and Dragons.
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