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Hi Ryka! I'm a graduate student in Library & Information Sciences at San Jose State University and hope to be a youth librarian someday :) I'm in a YA materials course right now and of the 25+ books I read this semester (all by Asian American authors!) Light from Uncommon Stars was my absolute favorite. So original and incredibly moving, my heart feels full whenever I think of Katrina, Shizuka, and Lan. Just wanted to say hello and thank you for this book and your support of librarians <3

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This is coming late, but thanks so much for the kind words about us library folks, Ryka! I'm glad we don't terrify you anymore. :)

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I don't have any questions, but Light From Uncommon Stars is maybe my favorite book? I put it on the staff picks shelf when I can and I've given it as a gift so many times. Thanks for sharing that absolutely magical book! I work for Henrico County Public Library in Virginia.

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Hello! I love the light from uncommon stars. This excellent book is advertised as a debut novel, and I wonder is this truly the first book you’ve written or the first book of yours that has been published?

Also, when will your next book be available for me to read it?!?

I work at the Lacey Library in Washington State :-)

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